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Stop Smoking Now! (A series of two seminars)

Stop Smoking Now! provides a comprehensive program of services to assist in the difficult process of smoking cessation. Just as people begin smoking for different reasons, they quit for different reasons. In response to our diverse clientele, we offer a wide variety of individualized approaches and strategies. Drawing upon her expertise in the field of smoking cessation and wellness, Dr. Patricia Webbink will present educational information and specific techniques covering all aspects of the process: mental, emotional, and physical. Written materials and self-assessment questionnaires will be distributed to provide additional assistance in helping you achieve your goals. You will also receive Dr. Webbink’s Stop Smoking Now audiocassette, which provides support in the form of guided imagery and deep relaxation. Many have found this tape to be a highly effective support in smoking cessation and living a healthier lifestyle. A follow-up seminar for participants will be offered to help participants remain smoke-free.

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Lose Weight Now! (A series of two seminars)

Learn to take control of your appetite, lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. You will learn to manage stress more effectively, limit junk food and avoid between meal snacking. Our program will help you achieve your desired weight safely and naturally without dangerous diets, drugs, "slimming shakes," inconvenient weekly meetings, or ongoing expense. We offer scientifically valid behavior modification techniques to assist you in altering habits and routines easily. You will also receive Lose Weight Now, an audiocassette developed by Dr. Patricia Webbink, which will nurture you in preserving a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your ideal body weight. Individuals have lost as much as 150 pounds after a single session with regular use of the cassette tape and have maintained the weight loss for years.

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Reduce Stress Now! (A series of two seminars)

Tailored to people working in high stress jobs, our program uses guided imagery and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety while preventing and relieving high blood pressure, pain, headaches, asthma, and other chronic conditions. Using creative visualization techniques, we help you to create a state of inner peace and self-confidence to escape the stress of a high pressure workplace and take a mini-vacation, returning refreshed and relaxed. All participants will receive Relaxation Journey, an audiocassette developed by Dr. Patricia Webbink, which helps to maintain calm, balance, and focus during times of stress and anxiety.

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