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Guided Imagery Recordings by Dr. Webbink
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(background accompaniment by Diana Stork on harp, or Danny Binstock on synthesizer with Wayne Waters on marimba and saxophone.)

Guided Imagery is a powerful method of finding solutions for all kinds of problems within the self. For 30 years, Dr. Patricia Webbink has been one the forefront of employing this highly effective technique. Through the use of deep relaxation, imagery, and breathing, she provides a framework for inner exploration that facilitates personal transformation.

Research shows that imagery and creative visualization, group support, and psychotherapy are correlated with improvement in patients with chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, and other medical as well as emotional problems. To order, send $15 for CD's and 3 CD's for $39 or cassettes are reduced from $12 each to $7 each and 4 tapes for $22) plus $3 per order to cover postage and handling.

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Lose Weight Now
Lose weight without deprivation through deep relaxation and positive imagery.
Lose Weight
stopsmoking Stop Smoking Now
Stop smoking through positive imagery and deep breathing.
Experience deep relaxation, balance and peace.
Perspective on Life Follow Your Dreams / Perspective on Life
Explore the meanings of the ebbs and flows of life, and enhance your personal growth process. Take time to discover your true desires and dreams.
Relaxation Journey
Rejuvenate yourself through deep relaxation and achieve states of peace.
Relaxation Journey
Expressed Reflections Expressed Reflections
seasons of Change seasons of Change
Mindfulness Mindfulness
Achieve inner peace and awareness through breathing and meditation.
Healing the Inner Child
Regain the joy and freedom of childhood as you give love and understanding to your inner child.
Healing the Inner Child
Dream and Sleep Dream and Sleep
Promote sound sleep through relaxation and open a pathway into your dreams.
Enhancing Relationships
Journey into the realm of harmonious relationships where individuality and intimacy are experienced in a joyful dance, and boundary issues are clarified.
Enhancing Relationships
Healing and Empowerment For Women Healing and Empowerment For Women
Discover the power and freedom of womanhood and apply this strength to make wise choices.
Resolve conflicts and create a new bonding relationship with your mother.
Healing Childhood Trauma Healing Childhood Trauma
Re-visit your childhood as you release and heal the pain of the past.
Healing Pain and Illness
Allow yourself precious moments of healing time. Connect with the healing power of nature and the wisdom within you.
Healing Pain and Illness
Dream and Sleep Recommended for children and adolescents:
Dream and Sleep," "Centering," "Mindfulness," and others.
Please Note: These tapes are not psychotherapy. They are best used in conjunction with the therapeutic process which they are designed to reinforce and assist. DO NOT PLAY THESE TAPES WHILE DRIVING or engaging in an activity requiring attention.
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